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Moderator Panel Feature List

  • Dot Com Web Panel Administration
  • Seamless refreshing on web panel, refreshes without reloading saving you time while keeping you up to speed on the activities in your conference
  • Separate User and Moderator privileges
  • Phone, MP3 stream or Downloadable Playback of Recorded Conferences
  • Conference Recordings available in MP3 or Wav Format
  • Presentation Mode Easily Turned On/Off
  • Question and Answer Mode
  • Reservation, Reservationless, and Anonymous Conferencing
  • Block Users from Conferences Based on Caller ID
  • Allow Users into Conferences Based on Caller ID
  • View Participants Based On Caller ID
  • Participant count on Web or on Phone
  • Built in Echo Canceller for enhanced sound quality

  • Talker Optimization for enhanced sound quality with lower ambient noise
  • User Join and Leave Announcement
  • Music playback when only one user is in the conference
  • Merge Multiple Active Conferences Together in one Account
  • Manage Multiple Conferences in one Account
  • Lock and Unlock conferences
  • Add Our Widgets to Your Website to show current activity of your conference
  • Unlimited Users Per Conference (Limited only by the Capacity of the Bridge)
  • Change Settings During Calls via the Phone or by the Web Panel
  • See Who is Talking with Active Talker on the Web Panel
  • Call Detail Reports for all conferences based on Caller ID, conference PIN, Date and Time
  • Create Conferences capable of playing stream casts over the phone
  • Brandable For each User if needed
  • Easily Manage user branches


Manage Multiple Calls in an Account

Presentation Mode Easily Turned On/Off

Called ID Name